The Era of the E.R.A.

I didn’t expect to like Mrs. America, the new miniseries on Hulu. What I remember about Phyllis Schlafly was that she was a thorn in the side of feminism. Honestly, I didn’t know much about her. But why would an actress of Cate Blanchett’s panache want to glorify her? So far, in the first fiveContinue reading “The Era of the E.R.A.”

The Revolutionary War and the Quakers — History Imagined

As I rub imaginary elbows with the men and women who fought the Revolutionary War, I am constantly amazed at the variety of people who joined in the conflict. They were ordinary every-day citizens of our country who happened to be living in extraordinary times. Some of the names are well-known–George Washington, Samuel Adams, Alexander […]Continue reading “The Revolutionary War and the Quakers — History Imagined”

The Japanese Schindler — History Imagined

Given the history of Japanese atrocities in the 1930’s in Manchuria and during World War II in Korea, the Philippines, and other locations, it would be easy to see all Japanese of that era as either willing participants in or giving tacit approval to the brutality, but heroes are sometimes found in the most unexpectedContinue reading “The Japanese Schindler — History Imagined”

What’s In Your DNA?

There are a number of DNA testing facilities available now, including and 23andMe. My DNA profile tells me that I am mostly (58%) descended from ancestors from the British Isles. I was surprised when I first saw this as my ancestry tells me that I should be 25% Danish, as my grandmother’s parents wereContinue reading “What’s In Your DNA?”