Social Media in the 1890s

Homesteading in Nebraska social media group posts:

Bill Johnson-2 days ago-What was at the corner of Apple and First Streets before the blacksmith moved in? Post a drawing if you have one. Even if the post is just a hitching post. LOL.

Mavis Johnson-1 day ago-Bill, stop writing nonsense to that Homesteading mailbox. You know half the town can’t read. We need to build more schools. And git to work. That field ain’t plowing itself!

Horace Kleever-6 days ago-Here’s a tintype of my civil war buddies taken last year. The itinerant photographer dropped it by last week. Sadly, only four of us out of twenty showed up. Three died and the rest either got lost on the way to Omaha, or they were bitten by Gold Rush Fever and continued on to Colorado.

Sponsored – Luxury Living in Trenton, Nebraska. Good house, stable, outhouses, cellar, fruit trees and vines. Large residence lot fenced, good well with force pump. Nice shade trees, coal sheds and chicken house. Price $1400, one third cash, one third in one year and the balance in two years.


Sylvia Mansfield – 2 days ago- I received a letter from my sister, Ann, whom many of you know. She commenced a suit against that no-good husband of hers, Elmer White. They were married in Council Bluffs three years ago. She accused him of nonsupport, cruelty and drunkenness. I wish I could have seen that. Ann is likely to return to the family farm once this business is settled.

Genevieve McDonald is inviting you to an event-4 days ago-The ladies of the Congregational church and society will give an apron string-tie social at the church on Wednesday evening, February 14. Unhemmed aprons will be supplied for the benefit of the gentlemen, the one doing the best work receiving a prize. Each gent is requested to bring his own thimble. Every lady is asked to bring an apron with hem basted, and a string tie of like material. After aprons are finished, they will be placed on sale. Lap supper and amusements to follow.

Suggested for you: The Perkins Wind Mill is not the cheapest but the best! Warranted not to blow down, unless the tower goes with it; or against any wind that does not disable substantial farm buildings, to be perfect, to outlast and do better work than any other mill made. Visit Hitchcock & Moore, the storefront behind that huge windmill in the center of town.

Rev. Orville Newell –8 days ago – Must Church Socials Go? There has been some debate growing among church workers that socials and entertainment for amusement’s sake were entirely wrong or at least questionable. As in other matters, sides are taken with extremists and those whose views are less positive. Please keep your comments productive!

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Rev. H.R. Murphy – 7 days ago- To my mind the selling of ice cream or confectionery for a profit is perfectly legitimate and right. For persons to depend on such means for the raising of money to the neglect of paying according to their ability is wholly wrong. The social feature is very desirable when the entertainment is kept within proper bounds.

Mrs. H.R. Murphy – 6 days ago – What my husband meant to say is that questionable games, lottery schemes and the like cannot be too strongly denounced. If the society obtains the money by honorable means, and gives an equitable return for the money received, it is theirs, and comes into the church treasury backed by the best of motives.

Rev. L.L. Luther – 5 days ago – There should be parlors, separate and distinct from the other parts of the church, so that there will be no running from one to the other when a social is held. Young people are apt to forget the sacredness of the place. No socials are held in our church. I believe in the social side of human nature and that only Christian people have a right to laugh, but it is dishonest to hold all kinds of entertainment in the church building. It is not necessary to get the Lord’s money in this manner.

Miss Constance Moline – 4 days ago – If you show people that you are interested in them socially as well as morally, you will have a greater influence. Children in these mission districts have nothing in the way of entertainment unless we give it to them. Religion is no sanctimonious affair; I do not think. Don’t go about it with a long face.

Hammond Wright – 4 days ago – The Butler Avenue Church started as a series of social events held weekly. These proved profitable in every way. They gave way to a literary and musical entertainment with a friendly social gathering held at intervals. The church now holds regular church services and is flourishing. No one argues against socials in our organization.

Butch Holstead – 7 days ago – What do you miss most about the 1870s?

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Homer Whittaker – 2 days ago -Getting my first horse, Thunderhead. He was a beauty.

María Mason – 4 days ago – walking home from school through the fields of poppies in May. I don’t miss freezing in the schoolhouse when the stove went out.

Sylvester Devonshire – 5 days ago – I miss the social life of my youth in Boston, Massachusetts.  Living on a homestead is very isolating in comparison.

Abigail Templeton – 6 days ago – Nothing! Life only gets better. Women will be given the vote soon and will make sure everyone is properly cared for.

***Content largely extracted from newspapers of the era.

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